e-dennis.net Stock Brokers
Stockbrokers may be located online, by checking your local business directories, or through referrals by an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor).
High street banks and buildings societies also provide facilities for trading in stocks and shares. Among high street banks, the following offer trading facilities to their clients:
> Abbey National
> Alliance and Leicester
> Bank of Ireland (NI only)
> Bank of Scotland
> Barclays Bank
> Bradford & Bingley
> Bristol & West
> Cheltenham & Gloucester
> Citibank
> Clydesdale Bank
> Co-operative Bank
> First Trust Bank/Allied Irish Banks
> Halifax
> HFC Bank
> HSBC Bank
> Lloyds TSB Group Plc
> Lombard Bank
> National Westminster Bank
> Northern Bank Ltd
> Northern Rock
> Royal Bank of Scotland
> Ulster Bank Ltd
> Yorkshire Bank
> Woolwich
Insurance Broker
Given the number of insurance companies and policies in the market, it may prove to be a challenge just sorting out your choices to find out which product is best for your needs. Consulting an independent insurance broker can go a long way towards simplifying your search for the right policy. Keep in mind that replacing your current insurance provider with a new one can result in considerably lower insurance expenses, so itfs worth your while to shop around efficiently in order to maximise your savings.
Your insurance broker can help you filter through the barrage of marketing and advertising in order to sort out the relevant facts.
Business Broker
As business brokering is a wide field encompassing diverse industries, it is best to talk to your Accountant and Solicitor for their advice in locating a suitable broker. Whether you are interested in buying or selling a business, an IFA is also a good resource to consult and they can also help you locate a broker for your transaction.
Mortgage Broker
Just as with stockbrokers, mortgage brokers can be sourced online. Another option is to visit your bank or building society. Also, a number of companies offer facilities to ease the search for a mortgage or mortgage broker. The Council of Mortgage Lenders, the trade association for mortgage providers in the UK, is also a reliable source to get in touch with.