e-dennis.net Bonds
These are investments issued by governments and corporations to raise money. You are given a certificate and your funds are invested for a certain time period at a fixed rate of interest.
A broker is a company or individual that matches together buyers and sellers. They provide assistance in drawing up contracts and negotiating terms and conditions between both parties. For their services, brokers are generally paid a fee or a commission from the sale.

This is the fee charged by a broker, usually a percentage of the value of the transaction or a flat fee.

Futures are a contract for the purchase and sale of a commodity for a fixed price at a fixed future date.Insurance
Insurance is a contract that guarantees you financial recompense in specific instances of loss in exchange for periodic payments made to the provider.

A mortgage is a loan that is secured by the property being purchased.
A portfolio is made up of various securities held by an investor in order to lower the amount of investment risk.
These refer to Government bodies or private organisations that set rules and standards for companies to follow.

These are transferable certificates of ownership of investment products (e.g. bonds, stocks, futures contracts and notes).
A share represents joint or partial ownership of a business.

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